The icy cold water 

We are afraid of change in our life, even though it is the only constant. 

We have grown so used to using pleasant warmth that even a slightest change in temperature will cause huge discomfort. It causes us to recoil and flinch at first contact. We are then afraid to take the leap of faith, becoming too satisfied with being stagnant that we dare not make the decision of change. The decision that may bring discomfort at first but benefits more after the moment of suffering.

Bathing with cold water is a metaphor of such change. It makes you go “brrr”, shivering and recoiling even at the thought. Freezing. Frosty. Chilling. 

Someday you realise that the current situation is not actually as ideal as you thought it was. You awaken from the utopian dream and find out that it is a Faustian nightmare. You decide that staying just isn’t worth the pain anymore, choosing the alternative to walk out of the door into freedom. However, past the door, there is a passageway of torment that you first have to endure to reach true freedom. Freedom from feelings in your heart and thoughts in your mind. 

During that moment of discomfort and torment, many times you are tempted to revert back to the usual. To go back to the conditions that you were so familiar with. To walk back through the door of hurt. In life, these are the conditions that do not benefit you after all and you know that it is not worth it. 

Some succumb to the temptation to go back to the original situation, only to waste more time before having the courage to make the decision of faith again. 

Those who choose to persevere through the cold, the period of change, they emerge stronger, ready to adapt better. 

After a while, even the cold isn’t as cold as before. Some believe that it could be the numbing effect, that you get used to something after it’s been hurting you for long. But I believe it’s a sign of recovery, that the cold no longer bothers you that much even though you are aware of it’s existence. 

After a while, the water becomes enjoyable. Rejuvenating, renewing, refreshing.

Signaling a new start a new chapter of life upon making it through the period of change. 

You have completed the passage of horror, being liberated at the end. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

May this be encouragement to all who is going through a tough time or in a dilemma of making a difficult decision. I hope this has inspired you and benefited you in one way or another.



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