Wandering ceased
Opportunities seized
Endless fluttering of the mind
Constant flickering of what’s mine

Thoughts like riddles
Resulting in doodles
Not the right time
Nor the right mind

Dreams come alive
But nightmares soon arrive
Whirlpool of sadness
Seems to be endless

A deadly myth
Masqueraded as a gift
You were my wonderwall
Probably my greatest flaw


15 thoughts on “Misery

  1. We seem to have very similar poetic minds.

    Thanks for liking my poem Mama Don’t Allow, on Wordmusic. This one was too easy because it is a parody of an existing song. But, if you go back there are about 780 other poems that may very well resonate with your fine poetic mindset.

    Brent Kincaid

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  2. When you meet your soul mate, does it quickly turn to hell? Happens to me in all relationships 😦 I have to stay away from people I click with a little too much – always ends up dysfunctional. And I always think that I can manage it by staying functional myself but those people always try to bring me down and I end up fighting them off all the time in one form or another – sometimes it’s just by refusing to steal straws from Starbucks ( if you can believe an adult will behave like that!)

    Anyway, touched a chord with me 🙂

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