Eyes are magical
Showing with sincerity
Hurt, angst, sadness, anger
Displayed with transparency 

You lie through your lips yet
Sorrow cannot be hidden
We just met
But eyes portray without concealment 

Beautiful are they
Though marked with pain
Behind the wall of gray
Struggling to stay sane 

I sense it better than you think
uch more than what it seems
Eyes reveal in a blink
Surpasses more than just a gleam 

Eyes never lie
That’s the truth
So don’t deny
‘m not moved 

Beside me
Yet far away
Let you be
Is what they say 



14 thoughts on “Eyes

  1. Eyes are true magic. They have the capability of seeing, as well as being seen. Being seen for deeper values and contexts. Although, I’d like to think that eyes also portray joy and hope because eyes are the first part of the body to experience the grand things in life we encounter or experience.

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