She was red
Naive pure and free
Then they met
A stunning blue was he 

Captivated by differences
As opposites attracted
Accepting his weaknesses
It wasn’t reciprocated 

She was mesmerized
By figments of imagination
Unknowingly enslaved
Within moments of satisfaction 


Assiduous was she
Even when he lied
As faithful as can be
Yet continuously he denied

Words never spoken
Besieged with confusion
Feelings kept hidden
A constant contradiction 

Painting of beauty
A flawless canvas
Ripped with cruelty
Shredded to pieces 

Heart smashed to smithereens
Scattered on the floor
Ignoring the hints
She always returned for more

She trod on them
Bleeding profusely
Path of torment
Left scars permanently 

Stained her innocence
Stripped of happiness
Lost all sense
Filled with emptiness

Dimmed her sparkle
She was red
He turned her purple
Decided it wasn’t for him instead 


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