Acquaintances with history 

Thought you were the last piece
For me to be complete
Turns out discovering myself
Was all that I need 

For in the future
There’s no place you can hold
All in the past
Our story ends in a fold 

Words spun into meaning
Like web spun into being
As fragile as thread
Exposing what you dread 

an wrong or right
Ever be justified
Just a thin line
Determines if it’s fine 

Mind like a complex maze
Hope left to raze
Art pours forth from the soul
Poets’ hearts break so 


6 thoughts on “History

  1. “ends in a fold” I like that.
    I like it to end fast & finally…well wishes from afar but not actually knowing if things are well…because we move on and refrain from meddling. It’s easy for me…maybe it’s harder for spiders. Spinning webs and pulling threads…all a game, in the name of exposing pain. Ah, like a super spider! You better knot that thread as soon as your exposure shows. I mean, I don’t sew but find a gal who does. You know what will happen if the thread keeps getting pulled. Exposure in the right amount, to your benefit, and no more. Corrupted exposure….just like in the web.
    Good Luck, Spider.

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