Poets aren’t sad people
But like a precious pearl
We just want to express
Instead of simply suppress

Why bottle it all up
When you can give others help
By putting emotions into words
When some can’t piece the alphabets

Like a jigsaw with a missing piece
Some things were not meant to be fixed
But yet poets try and try
Try to achieve where others may shy

Poets aren’t all that sad
But using a medium to be shared
Life becomes better
Discovering the things that matter


14 thoughts on “Poets

  1. Well said. The poet channels and names emotion… That does not always mean that they exist within it.

    You also hint at another truth… The poet has great responsibility to speak truth, to present reality as it is; though the concept may be conveyed in delicate prose, it still must retain it’s pure core.

    Overall, this is a great piece. I am grateful to Mrkaki for sharing and leading me here.

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